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Dancing Bears Airtag Case | For Dog Collars

Dancing Bears Airtag Case | For Dog Collars

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The most cost-effective way to track your pets!

Also, check out our Airtag cradle with stainless loop HERE! It securely fastens to all the things, using a stainless steel locking loop.

Apple Airtag cradles for your pet's collar! Water-resistant and durable for a quality yet affordable option allowing you to keep tabs on the things that matter most. The new Apple Airtag is a wonderful addition to the Apple product portfolio and while it has an IP67 water-resistant rating it is not waterproof.  Additionally, the tag has no way to mount of affix it to your "things". We've created our Airtag cradles with life in mind. No longer do you need to spend $150+ on a dog collar and an additional $10+ a month on subscriptions. For just $29.99 for an Airtag and $15 for the Tall Pines Airtag Cradle, you can now keep tabs on your furbabies without spending a fortune! 

More Secure!

  • Securely mounts to your pet's collar using two M3 stainless bolts, will not be knocked off by fences or brush!
  • Integrated O-Ring seal prevents dust and moisture from ruining your AirTag.
  • Battery life of up to 12 months, means no more constant recharging!

    Don't spend $100 plus $15 a month to track your favorite things or people? Companies like Jiobit and Fi will tell you that Apple Airtags don't have internet or they weren't designed to track pets or people. What they are really saying is, we want you to spend money with us because we spent a ton developing this product that is now outdated! Grab an Apple Airtag for $29 and one of our waterproof and durable Airtag Cradles for the ultimate peace of mind that won't break the bank.

    Our cradles come in many shapes and sizes and can be personalized, starting at $15.

    Grab the peace of mind, that won't break the bank.

    Our Story
    In March of 2021 during the worst snowstorm to hit Texas in 100 years, our dogs ran away. The night they went missing the low was 0 degrees Fahrenheit. After searching for countless hours we gave up hope and just knew they wouldn't make it through the night. Days passed and we almost gave up hope but received a call that someone had seen our pups alive! We immediately traversed the snow-covered roads and hiked 2 miles hunting our pups to no avail. Many more days passed by and we again gave up hope. However, after 7 days missing, we received word that our pups had been spotted 7 miles away! We ran to the location and after searching for over 2 hours finally found our dogs. Needless to say, we immediately searched for a solution to be able to track our pup's location if this were to happen again. We stumbled upon a company that offered a collar for $150 plus a $250 2 year membership, sign us up! While this collar works fine, the constant need to be recharged every 7 days is a hassle. Additionally, the cost was quite high! We knew there was a better solution...enter the Tall Pines Airtag cradle. With our extensive knowledge of 3D printing technology, we went to work and developed a cost-effective, waterproof, durable cradle to house an Apple Airtag. Now we can track ALL of our things, down to the foot, with no monthly fees and no high upfront costs using our iPhone and the preloaded apps Apple provides!

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