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Grryp Craft Tap Handles

BEER | Custom Tap Handle

BEER | Custom Tap Handle

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Lifetime Warranty*

Your Brand name or word of choice as the base, mirrored on both sides with your logo at the top. This tap handle is all about branding.

Our Wordy Tap handle will make your brand stand out at every bar and brewery it is served at. If you want your brand to stand out from the rest then you need this tap handle!

Our tap handles bring that unique look you need to your keezer, kegerator, or brewery.  Each handle comes with a chrome ferrule at the bottom for secure installation on most US tap handles.  Simply screw the handle onto your tap and pour away.

Tall Pines tap handles are designed and manufactured in-house at Tall Pines Design.

*Tall Pines lifetime warranty covers product failure during normal use. If you use your tap handle as a projectile we cannot guarantee coverage, but if you send us a video of the action we may cover it either way! Read more about our warranty here.

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